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Hemp flavoured absinths are available from various producers - the combination of a once banned drink, and an illegal substance seems to appeal to a lot of absinth enthusiasts! Cannabis Absinth is ideal for those who like the taste of hemp. Please note that none of these absinths contain hallucinogenic, mind-altering substances. These absinths are simply flavoured with hemp.

Cannabis Absinth

  1. Cannabis Absinthium – 50 cl

    Cannabis Absinthium – 50 cl

    An absinth flavoured with hemp – sweet, smooth and heady.

    (Price/l: $66.58)
    Alcohol by Volume: 55%
    Method of production: Distillation
    Distillery: Other
    Bottle size: 50 cl
    Region of production: Others
Cannabis Absinth
Region of production
  1. Others (1)
Product type
  1. Absinthe (1)
Bottle size
  1. 50 cl (1)
  1. Other (1)
  1. Green (1)
  1. $33.29 - $33.29 (1)

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