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Blanche Neige - Distiller's Proof – 20cl

Alcohol by Volume: 53%
Method of production: Distillation
Distillery: Gaudentia Persoz
Bottle size: 20 cl
Region of production: Val de Travers
Awards: Gold Medal at the Absinthiades 2014

Blanche Neige is a Swiss La Bleue with a special twist: A hint of génépi. This absinthe is a project by!

Blanche Neige won the gold medal at the Absinthiades 2014

Absinthiades 2014 Winner

The fairest absinthe of them all...

Our aim is always to share with you the finest of spirits. We've taken this dedication a step further by developing our own range of fine spirits. All of these spirits are absolute classics, some of them also taking tradition and giving it a slight twist!
We are proud to present the first of these very special beverages.
Absinthe Blanche Neige is in every sense of the word a classic: everything from the recipe, to the distiller, and the village where it is distilled.

When commissioning Blanche Neige, we only considered a select few of the finest absinthe distillers alive today to be up to the task. It was very soon clear that the cream of the crop was Gaudentia Persoz, one of the world's most talented absinthe distillers, and who has achieved great success with her own absinthes.

The recipe is based on an antique recipe from the private archive of a family steeped deeply in the tradition of absinthe: that of Gaudentia's husband, Jean-Michel Persoz. This makes a classic clear La Bleue absinthe.

What makes Blanche Neige that extra bit different is a precious and priceless ingredient, the root of a plant renowned for its aromatic qualities. Only found in the Alps, this herb, known as génépi, grows wild in the Alpine hills around the Val-de-Travers, Switzerland, where Blanche Neige is distilled. Gaudentia was thrilled to experiment with génépi, finding the perfect amount to suit the historic recipe.

It took us 6 full trial distillations in total to finally be satisfied with the result, and tweak the recipe used. This distiller's proof edition of Blanche Neige is the first batch available for your tasting pleasure.

Colour: Clear, with a very subtle yellow-greenish hue, hinting at rich herbs.

Aroma: Suggests the scent of an Alpine meadow carried on the breeze. Fruity and with a feminine aspect.

Louche: Builds pleasingly steadily, turning Blanche Neige evenly opaque; white without becoming chalky. Take care to add water slowly.

Taste: Well balanced. A sweet touch on the tongue, accessibly subtle anise, and pleasant light touches of bitterness from grand wormwood and génépi.

Finish: Very smooth, silky on the palate. A finish of reasonable length, with some sweet hints remaining. Further glasses remain interesting without becoming overpowering. Will interest seasoned connoisseurs and beginners alike.

Blanche Neige will be available in full 50cl bottles from Spring 2014 onwards, though we wanted to give you the chance to taste this absinthe prior to its official launch. We do hope you enjoy this absinthe, and are excited to hear what you think about it.

Alcohol by Volume 53%
Method of production Distillation
Bottle size 20 cl
Awards Gold Medal at the Absinthiades 2014
Product type Absinthe
Anise? Yes
Stopper Plastic Cap
Box No
Color Clear
Coloration Natural
Country of origin Switzerland
Serving suggestions

- At first, savour Blanche Neige without any sugar. Then according to your taste, add some eventually.

- At first, savour Blanche Neige without any sugar. Then according to your taste, add some eventually.

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I enjoyed it thoroughly !
Previous to this Blanche Neige, the only other blanche absinthes I've tasted were Kubler and La Clandestine. I'll say that this is a "full-bodied" blanche with a complexity all its own. Perhaps this is due to the génépi - but I found it quite a bit more aggressive (in a good way) than my previous encounters. Really quite promising - even with my preference for vertes... I enjoyed it thoroughly!
(Posted on 14/01/2014)
Very tasty,
Very tasty indeed, even when well diluted, and not an anise bomb. Distinct taste of both wormwoods (absinthium and genipi). The aftertaste, after a minute or two, reminded me of a kind of salty liquorice.
(Posted on 14/01/2014)
2 4.5
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